Uchja is a Nigerian singer/songwriter living in Switzerland. Born and raised in Umuahia Nigeria. She came from a Family of singers. She started singing as a teenager in the church choir and has helped in the recording of many gospels and Afro pop Albums. She was in a girl band group in Nigeria called sisters. Her influences reach from pop, afro pop, soul, gospel, trap and raps. Her passion to write songs and make music, which is all about Movement, Culture, Respect, Inequality and herself. “Break the Ice” is her first single from her upcoming EP album. which was released on the 9th of Mai 2019 with the platform imusician. As one of her quotes says “I see and hear a lot ,for I will add my words to it”, she writes her lyrics and compose her beats, you can take her words or beats, better still her style, for she is doing herself. It took her a long while, but she is here to bring it all. “Break the ice” is the openness of life, it shows a mature woman who is coming from somewhere and telling it all, about a journey which continues to flow.